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Luontovalmentaja Satu


I walk in my own forest with my weimaraner dog. It's still early in the morning and nature is just waking up. My dog ​​raises his muzzle towards the smell brought by the wind. It sniffs the air and all its senses seem to be heightened, the same is happening to me. I wake up and know that some wild animal is nearby, maybe a hare or a deer. Soon my huntingdog stops and freezes in place, I stop myself and wait anxiously to see what will happen. Somewhere a raven announces itself. Suddenly, a deer appears from behind the trees and runs fast further into the forest in front of us. We have shared an exciting nature experience together. I smile and we continue our morning forest walk. I strongly feel that I am connected to nature. The forest is an important place for me. It takes care of the condition both physically and mentally. The forest heals and nourishes.


Your wilderness guide

I'm a qualified nature yoga instructor, nature coach and wilderness guide. Studying brought a huge increase in knowledge of nature and camping skills. I also appreciate the ethical and ecological way of eating, and that's why I pick mushrooms, berries, gather wild herbs and hunt. I have a small terriermix and a Weimaraner standing with me in the forest. ​


Since I was a child, I have moved around in nature by cycling, hiking, horseback riding and even with my own husky sled. Dogs and horses have also always been a part of my life. As an animal lover, I applied to the pet industry and worked in sales for more than 20 years. However, I longed for a change in my life and so I realized one of my dreams and studied to become a wilderness and nature guide.


As an entrepreneur, I want to offer experiences to help you find a connection with nature and tune your senses and state of mind to the forest. I offer services in the form of various excursions and activities, such as nature yoga, forest hikes and various camping courses. We can plan a nature experience to fit your needs and wishes. Feel free to get in touch! ​

Satu Nelimarkka


+358 405220731


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